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10 Tips for keeping your dogs safe this summer!

It's that time of the year again! Summer is here and so is the heat! Here are a few simple but important tips to make sure you and your canine pals stay safe and happy all summer:

1. Everyone knows that a car with the windows up can become deadly within minutes, but did you know that leaving your dog outside even in 80 degree weather can quickly become too hot? If you need to leave your dog outside make sure they ALWAYS have access to water and shade! We carry portable bowls and water bottles for your dog that you can take on the go.

2. Before taking your dog on a walk on a hot day check the asphalt and/or the sidewalk with your hand. If it's too hot for you to touch then it's too hot for their paws. Putting some booties or paw protector on their paws can help a lot if they do need to walk on a hotter surface. Avoid walking your dog in the hottest part of the day.

3. Apply sunscreen to dogs with less hair and dogs that like to lay on their back with exposed bellies. Skin cancer is the most common form of canine cancer.

4. Leave your dog's fur long! It's easy to think that giving your dog a "summer" cut by shaving off all of their fur will keep them cooler but the opposite is actually the case. Dog fur creates air circulation that helps keep them cool.

5. Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion! Dogs don't sweat like people do. Heavy panting, lots of drool, and dry gums are all signs that you're dog has become too hot. We do carry some cooling collars in the store that can help keep your dogs safe if they need to be out in the heat with you.

6. Keep bothersome bugs (like ticks) away with an all natural pet repellent. We have some spray options in the store.

7. Stay up to date on parasite prevention. In the summer, hookworms and heartworms are much more prevalent. A yearly visit to your veterinarian and a prescription will keep your pups in tip-top shape.

8. Having a cookout? Keep an eye on the scraps. Bones, fruit pits, grapes, chocolate desserts and corn on the cob can all be dangerous.

9. Put a life jacket on your swimming canine friend! We have some brightly colored selections that keep your dogs safe and visible while in the water.

10. Keep an ID tag on your dog at all times. Many people vacation and travel with their pets in the summer so it's especially important to have their owner's contact information on their collar if they do wander off. We make ID tags in store while you wait!

Have a fun and safe summer with your doggy pals!

- For the Love of Pete

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