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About Our Shop

We believe that a Pet Shop is part of the community.


Our goal is to primarily help the furry family members of RVA live happier and healthier lives, but also be involved in the community events. 

We believe your pets health all starts with nutrition. With more than 20 years of pet nutrition experience we can provide many solutions for your pets. 

Most of the foods we carry you will end up feeding less than the mast produced brands. 

We offer:

  • Pet Nutrition consultation. 

  • Dry, Wet, Freeze Dried, and Frozen dog foods. 

  • Dog and Cat Treats. 

  • A fantastic Raw Bar. 

  • Beautiful Dog and Cat Collars and Leashes (if you want to leash your cat). 

  • Comfy Dog beds. 

  • Free Local delivery or pick up. 

  • and much more. 

About the Owners

Amanda and Jeff have been pet parents before meeting each other at VCU in a statistics class (what are the odds). As their relationship blossomed so did their love for their pets having 2 dogs and a cat. Time went on and their family grew. Jeff worked for many Pet food manufacturers and would bring home his knowledge of products, ingredients, benefits and complexities of the pet food industry. Later on they purchased a small pet food company and gained more knowledge of the industry, products and companies. Currently, Amanda and Jeff have 2 Human boys. Two dogs (Walley and Birdie) and will have a store cat. They live in the neighborhood so don't be surprised to see them walking around, but the treats will probably be in the store.

What we carry

We carry a wide selection of merchandise that will make your furry family member wag more.

  • Food

  • Treats

  • Raw bar

  • Toys

  • Collars/Leashes/Harnesses

  • Beds

  • Bowls

  • Stationary

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Poop Bags

  • Supplements

Raw Bar

Awards (For the love of pete)

For the love of pete! has been featured in a number of magazines, including Richmond's West End's Best Magazine, Boomer, and The Daily Kibble. For the love of pete! was also recognized as one of the best southern pet boutiques by Southern Living Magazine and was voted "best of Virginia 2012" By Virginia Living.

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